Stuck between a rock and a hard place: or between choosing a one of the many great EOS Lip Flavors

Beautifully colored, fragrant and luxurious are a few words to describe EOS Lip Balm. This brand is highly used by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, and many other well-known people.This is not shocking because EOS lip balm is made to be 95% organic, using quality ingredients such as Jojoba oil and Shea butter. These two ingredients lock in moisture and make lips smooth and beautiful.

Now for someone who is not in the limelight, EOS lip balm is still highly affordable for the average Jane at around 3 dollars.This is definitely not a number that would break most peoples’ bank. The hardest decision is deciding what flavor is perfect for your tastes. Some fan favorites are Blueberry Acai and Vanilla Bean. Both have extremely refreshing smells and tastes.

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Blueberry Acai is in an adorable light blue cover. When opened, it has a very pleasant blueberry aroma, almost candy-like.The taste is equally pleasing. Vanilla Bean can be found in an ivory case and smells just like a batch of sugar cookies had just been made. This flavor also does not fail to taste delicious, turn to this site. Both are very lovely with smells, tastes and moisturizes your lips wonderfully. The only way to really know which one to pick is to go out and buy one of the many great flavors out on the market.

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Nathaniel Ru Puts Positive Spin on Healthy Eating

The verdict is in and people are thrilled about what is happening with Sweetgreen. This is one of the most exciting restaurant chains for people that are interested in changing things up when it comes to eating healthy. The obese nation that is America is getting a fast food face lift, and Nathaniel Ru is the architect behind this. He has become one of the most valuable players in the restaurant franchise, and his stock is only going up. People love this alternative fast food method that he is bringing to tables across America. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru is starting a trend in the restaurant industry that is starting conversations about better ways to eat healthier. There is a great level of appreciation for what he has been able to do with restaurants, and Nathaniel Ru has come at just the right time. Learn more:


He has become someone that is interested in building a much better menu for people that look for something different. In the midst of dollar menus and a flood of different fast food places Nathaniel Ru has created a majestic concept where people are able to eat healthy without spending a fortune. He has created some delectable food choices that has given people something to think about when it comes to improving their diets. So many people have taken interest in what he is doing with Sweetgreen, and there is certainly a lot of room for more Sweetgeen restaurant chain.


This restaurant provides some good meals for those that want to eat healthier and still get some of the best food choices without getting a lot of high calorie meals. Learn more:

There has always been a need for what Nathaniel Ru has brought to the table, but it appears that most fast food chains have simply added a couple of menu items like salads to the menu without changing the entire menu.


With Sweetgreen Nathaniel wanted to make sure his restaurant was going to be a place where the entire menu had healthy options. He wanted to give people something that they were not expecting. In order to do this he had to reach out through social media to his young crowd. That is where he would learn of a millennial audience of consumers. This is where he has been most effective in marketing his business because he is a young man that is hoping to reach a young crowd. Learn more:

Dick DeVos Explains His Level Of Philanthropic Giving

I believe the world of philanthropy has a great champion in the shape of Dick DeVos, a business leader and philanthropist who has been at the heart of the work being completed by a number of groups through his major charitable giving over the last few years; in an MLive article I read recently Dick DeVos and his wife, the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have provided over $100 million in support for various charitable groups across their lifetime. Not only has Dick DeVos found many different ways of providing financial support to different groups, he has impressed me with his ability to develop a range of business, charitable, and political partnerships with different groups from across the U.S.


Philanthropy has always always played a major role for the DeVos family with Dick’s father, Richard heading the family who have given more than $1 billion to charitable causes over the course of their lifetime, in 2015 alone I was shocked to discover Dick and Betsy DeVos had provided over $11 million in support to various causes from education to the Art Prize that takes place annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In my opinion, Dick DeVos has been a beacon for many charitable groups who would not have reached high levels of success without the aid of the DeVos family who have added their own support in the form of more than $3 million in donations to many education reform groups in 2015 alone. I was pleased to hear that Dick DeVos has been looking at different ways of supporting educational activities for many different groups, which includes his belief that the problem of a lack of educational opportunity is more of a civil rights problems than solely an education issue, a view I myself share with Dick.


In the work completed by Dick DeVos I have been pleased to see the charitable champion has looked to diversify his investment portfolio to include many different areas of support in Michigan and the U.S. as a whole. Dick DeVos has always had a large number of business and sporting interests, including his time spent as the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise; these many different interests are reflected in the work Dick DeVos has recently been completing with The Windquest group, a company founded by Dick and wife Betsy. The company not only looks to support business opportunities in the Grand Rapids, Michigan region, but also across the nation with support from Dick DeVos for technology based companies including those providing green energy and boxed water.


George Soros Causing Ripples In American Politics

George Soros is a billionaire investor who offers generous donations to political movements and activist groups. He made headlines in 2004 after injecting more than $27 million to bring down President George W. Bush. During the 2016 campaign elections, Soros is believed to have donated over $25 million to fund Clinton’s presidential campaign and support, other Democratic candidates. To show his support for the cause of Democrats and the presidential nominee, Soros made plans to attend a Democratic convention where Clinton was to receive the Democratic presidential nomination. He later canceled the trip to monitor Europe’s economic situation where he is an active financial trader.

For years, George Soros continuously supported liberal causes. George Soros raised his stakes in 2016 owing to the hostile approach by the Republicans towards his interests and the causes he supported. He had supported reforms on immigration, criminal justice and religious tolerance in the United States for years. His contributions to the Democrats helped increase the campaign funds raised by Clinton supporters who also viewed his rival Donald Trump with suspicion of being an ally to the Russians. Part of his contributions included $7 million donated to Priorities USA Action a super PAC supporting Clinton’s campaigns. American Bridge 21st Century received $2 million and approximately $700,000 to Democratic Party committees and PACs working in support of Democrats.

Through his nonprofit Open Society Organization, George Soros supports numerous causes in Ferguson. He is the power behind protest movements modeled through his funding over the years. Kenneth Zimmerman, the director of Open Society Foundations in the US, said the funding for activist groups started in the 1990s with an aim to empower the community to live and participate in the government. He also denied allegations that the groups involved in Ferguson Protests acted in the name of Open Society Foundations despite being recipients of its funding. He attributes the protests by the groups to lack of democratic participation and accountability by relevant authorities. Visit his site to know more at

Different activist groups from across the United States organized the Ferguson protests. The sponsored groups mobilized protesters through social media platforms and formation of grass-root coalitions on the ground. The activists then descended on Ferguson city where numerous rallies and organized protests ran for days creating global media attention. After the incident, a follow-up of academic research and news articles from the funded groups continued to stream to the media giving a constant update and keeping the story alive.

Ferguson protests sought to bring and maintain the attention of the media in the city. With the attention, awareness on the ills and injustices in the city received more focus and came into play at the time of seeking solutions for the city. Ms. Frederique, one of the protest organizers and co-creator of #BlacklivesMatter said the move was intended to promote and protect the sovereignty of the people. Learn more on Biography about George

Honey Birdette Will Tickle Your Senses

Honey Birdette was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 and has only grown in popularity since then. So much so that Honey Birdette has just launched its e-commerce site for its US customer base. The brand experienced a 3674% sales increase in just 12 months form its US customers alone. The site will offer faster shipping, easier returns, and free shipping on orders over $50. It will also have more selection available to its US customers.

Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia, where it began, and has expanded well into the United Kingdom with three stores this far. Honey Birdette has its sights on more stores at Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford and is expected to expand to have as many as 40 boutiques by the end of 2018. The stores already in the UK are located in London’s Covent Garden, which was the first one to open outside of Australia, Westfield White City, and Leeds’ Victoria Gate.

Honey Birdette is a chain of boutiques that is very unlike the lingerie stores already out there. Its whole look stands out, from the glossy black doors at the entrance to their stores to the lush décor that lies behind them. The collections include many sensual items that will spark excitement in any relationship as well as lingerie items. There is something for everyone form S&M fetish to delicate and lacy, Honey Birdette has it all.

Honey Birdette was started to fill a very large void that was the lingerie market was leaving behind, as seen on Instagram. There just wasn’t the variety and selection out there an two friends decided to change that. They certainly did and Honey Birdette is very popular and successful because of their unique and sensual items that expand into toys cuffs, collars., and harnesses, as well as teddies.

Find more Honey Birdette on YouTube.

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