How Cyber Threats Prove Costly


From 2013 to 2015 alone, cyber security has cost a loss of between $400 and $500 billion. Worse still, it is projected to rise to $6 trillion by the turn of the year 2021. Such worrying figures become worse when you have a sneak-preview of the extent of destruction it has caused to people and by extension reputable institutions (FinanceYahoo). According to the article, the question that the whole issue triggers is: Why is cyber security important?

Why Rubica?

Rubica remains the ultimate remedy to unearthing the various atrocities regarding personal cyber security. It consists of a private network, which has an array of elite cyber experts that operate in discreet ways rendering you secure whenever your online safety is at risk. At Rubica, you get assured of safety and ultimate sophistication in dealing with any compromise to personal cyber security or any related issue.


They therefore assist you in reconfiguring your Wi-Fi and updating your software moderately to combat any imminent attack. Additionally, they take you through password resetting processes that ensure you are safe from any form of personal cyber security threat. In so doing, Rubia remains an embodiment of trust as far as your online safety becomes a concern.

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Hiring Karl Heideck As Your Litigator

Hiring Karl Heideck As Your Litigator

When you need to make sure that you are able to get legal help in the Philadelphia area, it is important that you hire a great litigator who can serve you. Karl Heideck is a great professional that you can turn to when this is what you need, so you should take the time to get his help, by first understanding a little bit about litigation as a whole and how he can help you out.

What is a litigator?

A litigator is a professional that tries court cases, defends court cases and otherwise handles these matters. This is not limited to the person who speaks in court, because litigators also handle duties like discovery, appeal, pre-trial and court pleadings. These professionals handle a great deal of research into a case so that they can put their best foot forward for a client.

What kind of education does a litigator have?

These professionals must go to law school in order to receive a law degree and also must pass the bar in order to practice accordingly. Once a litigator joins the state bar association, they are able to practice law in a variety of fields.

What should I know about Karl Heideck?

Karl Heideck is an attorney that practices litigation in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding area. In terms of legal matters, Karl Heideck specializes in things like risk management, compliance, product liability and legal research. He received his law degree from Tempe University and was an honors graduate.

Any time that you want to reach out to Karl Heideck to figure out how he can serve you, you can take solace in the fact that he has been practicing for more than a decade. Karl Heideck Has continuously work to better himself at his craft and has served as a staple in the greater Philadelphia area for a number of years.

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Visionary Boraie Restyles a Downtown

When Omar Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant started a mission to build a high caliber residential unit and high rise office in Brunswick, many thought that he was crazy. Boraie, now the 72 years old mogul owns and is the president of Boraie Development LLC, a real estate development company. Together with his son Wasseem Boraie their take much pride in changing New Brunswick, New Jersey into a modern community when not many people were sure of its future.

Omar Boraie stated his development journey in 1972 when he was a chemistry scholar. His vision was to change the ‘awful’ quiet New Brunswick town into a vibrant business society. When Johnson & Johnson committed itself to remain in the city, Boraie saw hope and opportunity of uplifting the city.

After forming Boraie Development Llc, Omar started by bringing down 21 old vacant building and built a 250,000 square foot edifice – The Albany Street Plaza Tower One- in 1988. Later in the 2003 Albany Street Plaza Tower Two was opened as the second largest project. After that, in 2007 he put up a residential unit called One Spring Street Condominium Building, a 25 Residential complex with retail shops, office space, and parking garage. The building was an idea from what he had seen in one of his scholarly tours in New York and targeted providing houses for professionals working the two towers. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Boraie aspiration was to attract professionals who would love to work and live in a developed downtown. The aim was to provide a stylish environment with a variety of entertainment, residing in good life places. Boraie Development LLC achieved the high rise when they developed The Aspire in 2015, a 17 story residential building located adjacent train station. The Aspire was a $77.2 million project with a cool design for style and convenience. Aspire integrates a community kitchen, a green rooftop garden, and ample parking’s and fitness centers. More details can be found on State Theatre New Jersey.

Boraie Development next big project is Albany Street Tower Three. It a mixed building harboring 150,000 square feet of quality commercial office space

Boraie Development LLC is now a family business with Omar Boraie as the president and his three children all involved in running the business. It deals with a range of services focusing on town real estate development, property management, and marketing. The company mostly operates in Atlantic City, Newark, and New Brunswick. The strength of the company lies in working and associating itself with the reputable financial institution and visionary architects and contractors.

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