Bruno Fagali: A Brazilian Attorney With a Vision

     Bruno Fagali is one of the Brazil-based leading lawyers with a wide range of expertise in the law. He had also worked as an independent lawyer for a long time before he settled with the Fagali Law Firm in the country. For over three decades of professional experience, Bruno Fagali has achieved much for companies and entities looking to get business deals in the country. Bruno Fagali is also considered as one of the most achieved lawyers in the country because of his numerous legal representations he has made to corporate and international entities whose presence is felt in the country such as the World Health Organization.

Bruno Fagali is the Founder of the Fagali Law Firm. This is a law firm that helps clients with different legal issues such as the electoral law, the regulatory law, the administrative law, and the anti-corruption law. Bruno Fagali is also the present Corporate Integrity Manager of the Nova/SB Company based in Brazil. This is a company that deals in marketing and advertising major brands and companies in the country, because most if their deals are secured from the government, they hired Bruno Fagali as a corporate integrity manager so that he could propel the company towards maintaining their reputation.

Bruno Fagali, for all his professional life, has proved to be the best attorney in all your cases. His professional expertise and wit are not matched with anyone in the country. Before working at the Nova/SB Company, he worked at the Radi and Calil Law Firm in Sao Paulo. He has also rendered his services at three prominent Sao Paulo-based law firms. He has also motivated individuals to render their intentions to secure fast income in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Bruno Fagali has represented a wide range of individuals and corporate firms towards securing an area that seeks innovation.

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