Norman Pattiz Amenable Beam in American Media

Edison Research and PodcastOne have had an interdependence relationship with mutual giving and mutual receiving. Edison Research is a research firm while the later is an advertising company owned by Norman Pattiz. Five brands in podcast network were up on survey by the Edison in regards to where their promotional and marketing strategies were really pushing products in the market. These national brands composed of renowned companies in new lines of products and entry-level companies seeking market penetration.


Advertising survey outcomes show that the customers (audience) were open-minded and well disposed of the brand information and in fact were willing to buy the brand’s portfolio products now or later. Pre-research had shown the market as expectant and positive about brand merchandise with over 22% almost persuaded to buy. 47% was enthusiastic about financial products on podcast one, while 24% on farm/garden produce and 37% on automobiles.


Tom Webster of Edison Research Strategy said that PodcastOne is shaking off the consumer market and the audience is responsive to podcast brand advertising. It serves the purpose right of availing information creating awareness and brand market penetration. Norman Pattiz said that podcast network had set the advertising of brand a notch higher compared to common product advertising.


About Norman Pattiz

He is a celebrated entrepreneur and a media investor. Norman Pattiz is the CEO and founder of PodcastOne Advertising agency. Podcast network airs over 300 hours weekly in programming projects. Mr. Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, American mainstream media house owning and managing CNN Radio, NFL Football, CBS News, NBS network, The Super BOWL AND the Summer Olympic Games among many others.


Norman Pattiz recently flagged the Courtside Entertainment Group known for audio on demand programming under the PodcastOne network. PodcastOne envoy comprises of celebrities such as Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Larry King, Laura Ingraham, Dr, and Drew among other big personalities. Norman Pattiz has brought a resurgence in media more some in sports, entertainment, reality talks and comedy programming.


President Bill Clinton in 2000 appointed him to lead the American Broadcasting Board of Governors and reappointed again in 2002. He has the thumb stamp from National Radio Hall of Fame, Forbes Magazine, and the American Library Broadcasting ( Norman Pattiz had the coveted Giants of Broadcasting Award and got featured in Global Change Makers Conference of 2016. His interest in language and speech has earned him a position at Pacific International Relations Council and the Foreign Relations Council. He is married to Mary Turner.


Daniel Mark Harrison and Monkey Capital Enhance ICO Markets

Recently, Monkey Capital made history by ranking as the first ICO to sell options. The decentralized hedge fund has been investing in SpaceX supply contracts, blockchain systems and engaging in hostile public company takeovers besides speculating on Crypto. Notably, one issuer managed to sell options before completing the funding round owing to the increased peopularity of ICOs.

The options known as COEVAL are traded on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Recently, the chief executive officer of Monkey Capital talked to many investors concerning valuation premiums. On Waves DEX, the COEVAL contracts were around 15 BTC. This volume is about 60 times that of Chrono on the same exchange and a third of the total volume of Bancor on Bittrex. Monkey Capital’s compelling projects, high quality operations, and visionary management team have played a pivotal role in producing Ethereum-style gains, thus hyping the market.
Chris Waltzek, host of the US nationally-syndicated radio, gave Monkey Capital a rating of six out of five stars. Over the years, Chris has interviewed many renowned fund managers, including George Soros and Jim Rogers. He announced this rating while he was interviewing Monkey Capital’s managing partner and co-founder, Daniel Mark Harrison. Waltzek added that he had not seen a product like this in more than 12 years.
The Huffington Post called Monkey Capital’s ICO work, “the billion dollar baboon.” Azeem Khan, a senior writer, contended that chat rooms have been seeking to raise billion dollars, thus becoming the first 10-digit sum to be raised through a crowdfunding campaign.
About Daniel Mark Harrison 
Harrison is an entrepreneur and author. He is the CEO and chairperson of a renowned global investment company known as Daniel Mark Harrison & Company (DMH&CO). This family office has active operations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. In addition, he is the managing partner of FinTech and Monkey Capital, a blockchain venture capital.
Harrison is regarded as one of the leading global authorities in millennial culture, business and international events. Jeffrey Robinson and Huffington’s Azeem Khan have described him as “one to watch” and “innovative” respectively. The professional negotiator and technology evangelist is the author behind the widely-read book, The Millennial Reincarnations. Over the years, he has written many articles for renowned publication, including Daily Dot, Portfolio Magazine, Washington Post and Forbes.

Nathaniel Ru Puts Positive Spin on Healthy Eating

The verdict is in and people are thrilled about what is happening with Sweetgreen. This is one of the most exciting restaurant chains for people that are interested in changing things up when it comes to eating healthy. The obese nation that is America is getting a fast food face lift, and Nathaniel Ru is the architect behind this. He has become one of the most valuable players in the restaurant franchise, and his stock is only going up. People love this alternative fast food method that he is bringing to tables across America. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru is starting a trend in the restaurant industry that is starting conversations about better ways to eat healthier. There is a great level of appreciation for what he has been able to do with restaurants, and Nathaniel Ru has come at just the right time. Learn more:


He has become someone that is interested in building a much better menu for people that look for something different. In the midst of dollar menus and a flood of different fast food places Nathaniel Ru has created a majestic concept where people are able to eat healthy without spending a fortune. He has created some delectable food choices that has given people something to think about when it comes to improving their diets. So many people have taken interest in what he is doing with Sweetgreen, and there is certainly a lot of room for more Sweetgeen restaurant chain.


This restaurant provides some good meals for those that want to eat healthier and still get some of the best food choices without getting a lot of high calorie meals. Learn more:

There has always been a need for what Nathaniel Ru has brought to the table, but it appears that most fast food chains have simply added a couple of menu items like salads to the menu without changing the entire menu.


With Sweetgreen Nathaniel wanted to make sure his restaurant was going to be a place where the entire menu had healthy options. He wanted to give people something that they were not expecting. In order to do this he had to reach out through social media to his young crowd. That is where he would learn of a millennial audience of consumers. This is where he has been most effective in marketing his business because he is a young man that is hoping to reach a young crowd. Learn more: