Sawyer Howitt is a Young and Amazing Racquetball Player

Oregon is highly praised for its impressive art prospects, and soon will be known for being home to the next racquetball star. Sawyer Howitt is a teenage player in the competitive sport of racquetball whose name will likely hit the mainstream. He lives in Portland City and is the son of the famous Meriwether Group founder. Sawyer got most of his skills and experience while in the racquetball team at Lincoln High School. He has impressive tournament records as a participant in the High School Racquetball Championships of Oregon state. Currently, Sawyer Howitt still plays out in Oregon as a member of Portland’s Racquetball Club. He has a very promising career in racquetball and may soon be a household name on the national stage. As we wait for Sawyer Howitt to stand out in the world of racquetball, let’s hope that he will enjoy a successful professional career.