A Company With Class – Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is proud to announce that it has created a technology that has assisted the correction facilities with curtailing crimes. They created the Wireless Containment Solution to stop inmates in facilities across the nation from accessing the wireless networks for illegal needs. This technology allows the networks to be monitored to find the people that are using it incorrectly, and they are able to take away the devices or cell phones that they were using. Since Securus Technologies was the only company that could come up with the Wireless Containment Solution, they were highly commended for it. The other companies that tried failed at the challenge due to lack of resources and expertise.


The company wants the people in the country to see just what they do on a regular basis at their Dallas, TX building. They are invited to come and see them, and enjoy a presentation and tour of the complex. The people will be able to see the technologies firsthand, and learn what they will be used for in an effort to protect the public even more, Since the experience will be both informative and educational, the company is looking forward to having quite a few people at its Dallas, TX site.


With Securus Technologies leading the public safety field, it is improving at a great rate. Many changes have happened that make the public much safer. The company works constantly with both criminal and civil aspects of the justice system, and the government uses them on a regular basis. The company is committed to creating new technologies every week in order to make the world a better place for all. Because of all of their accomplishments they are in high demand across the nation, and they are esteemed all over the globe. In the future, they will continue to do a fantastic job for the public safety field, and they will have plenty more news for the public to hear about. They are company that has a dedicated and professional staff that handles their projects at the highest standard levels, which makes them wanted by many companies and facilities.