Importance Of Gold And Silver Investments Turns Into US Money Reserve TV Summit

US Money Reserve is a highly reputable company to buy from and their expertise in investing was put on display back in the fall of 2016. They hosted a live TV event on gold and silver purchases known as the “2016 Gold Summit” which was put together as part of Direct Response TV (DRTV). Gold Summit was a debate-style event that former news host Larry King moderated by asking various questions to US Money Reserve’s panel of experts, and each tackled the issue.

Among the panelists was US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl who is also the former US Mint Director. Also present at this event was Michael Reagan, the son of former US President Ronald Reagan.

Philip Diehl came to the US Money Reserve in 2001 after serving 8 years as US Mint Director under then President Clinton. Diehl has years of experience as a public accountant and knew how to streamline operations to maximize productions and profits at the department.

During his tenure as Mint Director, Diehl turned the value of the coins even higher and brought billions in returns to taxpayers. He joined US Money Reserve after seeing how they valued transparent business practices and sought to educate the public on the importance of gold and silver coins.

Gold and silver coins are the most common and recommended form of investment, but in some cases bars and bricks are also a good choice. Gold and silver coins do come in varieties including rare historic themes and commemorative features, but they go far beyond simply items to collect like stamps.

They are special assets that could save your money from suffering heavy losses in the event of a heavy recession or bad economic collapse. Markets can experience downturns during war, political turmoil or heavy national debt, and when that happens gold and silver become high in demand.

Getting started in gold and silver investing isn’t too difficult, but you need to be educated to make sure you don’t suddenly lose value in your investments. According to Crunchbase, if you feel ready to invest, you can even move existing funds from accounts such as IRAs into gold and silver and US Money Reserve has information on their website about the procedures you should follow.

US Money Reserve has a fully-interactive website that’s compatible for all different kinds of devices and you can find photos and pdf files on important issues. To see if gold or silver can work for you, visit