Oncotarget Publishes Research That May Link E-Cigarettes To Cancer Growth

Oncotarget, a leading medical journal featuring innovative research articles and peer-reviewed studies, has recently published medical findings that show that the popularized e-cigarette may be responsible for the rapid growth of cancer cells in cancer patients. Oncotarget editors, Mikhail Blagoskionny and Andrei Gudkov, have discussed the research that led to this medical discovery and the many ways that Oncotarget makes it possible for medical professionals to submit and publish unique findings. Oncotarget is expected to publish a continuation of the study linking e-cigarettes to excessive cancer cell growth in coming months as the research continues to be analyzed and distributed to cancer institutes and medical research facilities. Download output styles at Endnote.com.

Research Study

The research for the Oncotarget article on the effect of e-cigarettes on cancer cell growth was originally conducted by Dr. Ifran Rahman of the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry and was submitted to Oncotarget during the latter portion of 2016. The research found that e-cigarettes, while promoted as a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes for smokers who desire to quit the habit, are actually promoting high levels of stress in the cells of those individuals who have already developed cancer cells. The study found that e-cigarettes can aggravate cancer cells in a manner that causes rapid growth and can lead to the failure of traditional cancer treatments, especially in the case of throat, mouth, or tongue cancer. E-cigarettes were shown to be especially detrimental to the oral cavities of cancer patients.

Effects of Study

Oncotarget has been praised for the successful evaluation and publication of this new research regarding the effect of e-cigarettes on cancer cell growth. Editors from Oncotarget have stated that the publication of this research is indicative of what the medical community can expect from the medical journal in the future and that the publication will continue to support innovative studies. View more https://www.dovepress.com/oncotargets-and-therapy-journal