Dick DeVos Explains His Level Of Philanthropic Giving

I believe the world of philanthropy has a great champion in the shape of Dick DeVos, a business leader and philanthropist who has been at the heart of the work being completed by a number of groups through his major charitable giving over the last few years; in an MLive article I read recently Dick DeVos and his wife, the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have provided over $100 million in support for various charitable groups across their lifetime. Not only has Dick DeVos found many different ways of providing financial support to different groups, he has impressed me with his ability to develop a range of business, charitable, and political partnerships with different groups from across the U.S.


Philanthropy has always always played a major role for the DeVos family with Dick’s father, Richard heading the family who have given more than $1 billion to charitable causes over the course of their lifetime, in 2015 alone I was shocked to discover Dick and Betsy DeVos had provided over $11 million in support to various causes from education to the Art Prize that takes place annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In my opinion, Dick DeVos has been a beacon for many charitable groups who would not have reached high levels of success without the aid of the DeVos family who have added their own support in the form of more than $3 million in donations to many education reform groups in 2015 alone. I was pleased to hear that Dick DeVos has been looking at different ways of supporting educational activities for many different groups, which includes his belief that the problem of a lack of educational opportunity is more of a civil rights problems than solely an education issue, a view I myself share with Dick.


In the work completed by Dick DeVos I have been pleased to see the charitable champion has looked to diversify his investment portfolio to include many different areas of support in Michigan and the U.S. as a whole. Dick DeVos has always had a large number of business and sporting interests, including his time spent as the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise; these many different interests are reflected in the work Dick DeVos has recently been completing with The Windquest group, a company founded by Dick and wife Betsy. The company not only looks to support business opportunities in the Grand Rapids, Michigan region, but also across the nation with support from Dick DeVos for technology based companies including those providing green energy and boxed water.