George Soros Causing Ripples In American Politics

George Soros is a billionaire investor who offers generous donations to political movements and activist groups. He made headlines in 2004 after injecting more than $27 million to bring down President George W. Bush. During the 2016 campaign elections, Soros is believed to have donated over $25 million to fund Clinton’s presidential campaign and support, other Democratic candidates. To show his support for the cause of Democrats and the presidential nominee, Soros made plans to attend a Democratic convention where Clinton was to receive the Democratic presidential nomination. He later canceled the trip to monitor Europe’s economic situation where he is an active financial trader.

For years, George Soros continuously supported liberal causes. George Soros raised his stakes in 2016 owing to the hostile approach by the Republicans towards his interests and the causes he supported. He had supported reforms on immigration, criminal justice and religious tolerance in the United States for years. His contributions to the Democrats helped increase the campaign funds raised by Clinton supporters who also viewed his rival Donald Trump with suspicion of being an ally to the Russians. Part of his contributions included $7 million donated to Priorities USA Action a super PAC supporting Clinton’s campaigns. American Bridge 21st Century received $2 million and approximately $700,000 to Democratic Party committees and PACs working in support of Democrats.

Through his nonprofit Open Society Organization, George Soros supports numerous causes in Ferguson. He is the power behind protest movements modeled through his funding over the years. Kenneth Zimmerman, the director of Open Society Foundations in the US, said the funding for activist groups started in the 1990s with an aim to empower the community to live and participate in the government. He also denied allegations that the groups involved in Ferguson Protests acted in the name of Open Society Foundations despite being recipients of its funding. He attributes the protests by the groups to lack of democratic participation and accountability by relevant authorities. Visit his site to know more at

Different activist groups from across the United States organized the Ferguson protests. The sponsored groups mobilized protesters through social media platforms and formation of grass-root coalitions on the ground. The activists then descended on Ferguson city where numerous rallies and organized protests ran for days creating global media attention. After the incident, a follow-up of academic research and news articles from the funded groups continued to stream to the media giving a constant update and keeping the story alive.

Ferguson protests sought to bring and maintain the attention of the media in the city. With the attention, awareness on the ills and injustices in the city received more focus and came into play at the time of seeking solutions for the city. Ms. Frederique, one of the protest organizers and co-creator of #BlacklivesMatter said the move was intended to promote and protect the sovereignty of the people. Learn more on Biography about George

End Citizen United: Working Hard To Restore The Power To Common People

The decision of Supreme Court in the legal proceeding between Citizens United and F.E.C. has changed the elections landscape of American completely. The decision has further established the legal basis and opened the door for special interests and billionaires to spend untraceable, unlimited money in the elections of America. Now, there would be no accountability, nothing at all. And this was the time when End Citizens United stood up and become a shield from elections for Americans and the elite class who try to turn their black money into white by using that in election campaigns.


End Citizens United: Many people haven’t heard of this company because this company is doing his job for the future of America, not for fame. It established in the third month of 2015, and it’s the only Political Action Committee that is being funded by the grassroots donors with a hope of better America.


They are devoted to countering the devastating effects of Citizens United and reforming finance system for their political campaigns. They are not working for the personal cause, but they are working hard to show the officials who are elected, voters, candidates, and also the media that now grassroots are awake. And they are, and they will keep fighting back with force with the group of individuals who will buy or even think of trying their elections.


They have the very best mind throughout the America who is working beside each other for this noble cause. Few of the key employees are Tiffany Muller, who is Executive Director and President for ECU; Political Director, Jody Murphy. Along with Adam Bozzi as a Director of Communications; Deputy Communications Director, Bawadden Sayed; Director of Local and State Strategy, Rajan Narang; Finance Director, Jordan Wood; Operations Director, Erin Fyffe; Director of Strategy and Polling, Devan Barber; Operations Coordinator, Rachel McGovern and much more.


Board of End Citizens United comprised of top leadership who dedicated to providing assistance to overturn Citizens United and also to elect Democratic champions so that those champions can fight to throw black money out from the politics and restore the power to the nations. Board along with ECU team is working dedicatedly not because of themselves but because of the bright future of upcoming generation so that they can breathe in Independent Country just like they, not in the system that would be controlled by elite class only. Their mission is to fight with the corrupt politician and to take to pieces political system that completely rigged.


A team of ECU wants to do that with the help of passing state ballot measures and electing champions for campaign finance reform. These champions after selection will work to overturning Citizens United, and this will ultimately end the unlimited money that is changing into white money.