How Cyber Threats Prove Costly


From 2013 to 2015 alone, cyber security has cost a loss of between $400 and $500 billion. Worse still, it is projected to rise to $6 trillion by the turn of the year 2021. Such worrying figures become worse when you have a sneak-preview of the extent of destruction it has caused to people and by extension reputable institutions (FinanceYahoo). According to the article, the question that the whole issue triggers is: Why is cyber security important?

Why Rubica?

Rubica remains the ultimate remedy to unearthing the various atrocities regarding personal cyber security. It consists of a private network, which has an array of elite cyber experts that operate in discreet ways rendering you secure whenever your online safety is at risk. At Rubica, you get assured of safety and ultimate sophistication in dealing with any compromise to personal cyber security or any related issue.


They therefore assist you in reconfiguring your Wi-Fi and updating your software moderately to combat any imminent attack. Additionally, they take you through password resetting processes that ensure you are safe from any form of personal cyber security threat. In so doing, Rubia remains an embodiment of trust as far as your online safety becomes a concern.

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