National Steel Car Seeing Unlimited Success With Chairman Gregory Aziz

Even though National Steel Car has been around since 1912, that does not mean that they are guaranteed success. In fact, to sustain that long is less of the norm because technology and the industry itself is constantly changing. To be able to not only survive but thrive for over 100 years is a testament to Greg Aziz, chairman, president & current CEO of the National Steel Car company. The company has earned a reputation for being North America’s leader when it pertains to railroad car engineering and manufacturing. To be able to thrive all these years, the company needed a leader who could help National Steel Car to exceed the standards and needs of the railroad industry and their clients.


1Greg Aziz speaks to the success of his brand and company by giving all the credit to his employees. Gregory J Aziz says that all 2.000 employees of National Steel Car are what makes the company run, and they do so by challenging each other every day to be better than they were yesterday. By raising the bar so often, success simply has to follow. The company is not resting on the success of the past, they are driven to be better than they were, and that helps them to increase the distance between themselves and the rest of the industry. Get More Info Here.


When Aziz was asked to elaborate on how his employees are able to constantly be raising that bar, his answer reveals the secret formula that many business owners and their employees could learn from. Aziz says that the ultimate success of National Steel Car comes down to four key components. One, the employees are driven forward with a persistence and determination to succeed. Two, his workers are focused on leading, not following others in this market. Three, the team has an unwavering focus on excellence. Finally, at not time do the employees at National Steel Car forget the past, they are always committed to honoring the traditions of their past.


National Steel Car does something else that has allowed them to continue to grow as a brand, and that is giving back more than anyone could ever expect from the company. They began by donating to local Ontario charitable organizations, but realized they needed help in order to reach a bigger audience. Teaming with the United Way and Salvation Army for example, has allowed Aziz and National Steel Car to help on a global scale those who are in need.


How Gregory Aziz Made National Steel Car A Relevant Company Again

Before Gregory James Aziz worked with his own company, he was using techniques to make other businesses better. In fact, he was so good at it he was a highly sought-after individual. He knew what it would take to make things better for all the people in each of the situations they were a part of. He also knew things would continue to get better for all the people who were in those situations. It gave him the ability to actually make his own company successful. Since he was so accustomed to making things better for businesses, he immediately knew what he needed to do to make the business better.


Once Gregory Aziz had purchased National Steel Car, he was able to show people what they could get out of different situations. In fact, he was able to make the right choices that would give him the chance to be the owner of a successful company. As the owner of the business, he was prepared to do whatever work it took to make it the best it could be. As long as Gregory Aziz was doing different things to make National Steel Car better, he felt he would need to make it the best business possible. LIKE HIM ON FACEBOOK.


1Even without some of the major issues that would come from a company, Greg Aziz was prepared for National Steel Car. He had seen the company perform poorly in the past, so he knew what he didn’t want to do. Knowing this is what has given him the ability to keep pushing on and making the company better. He never wanted to make the same mistakes other owners had made because he knew he was better than that. The company would suffer if he hadn’t done the right thing for it so he chose to always make the right choices. Refer to This Page.



Even though Gregory J Aziz had no experience in the rail industry, he did have experience in the B2B industry. This helped him more than knowing about the rail industry because he was able to use it to his advantage. He was also able to show people what they could do if they stayed firm with their decisions to run something. For the sake of being able to help people, Gregory Aziz stuck to the issues that were at hand, so he’d have a chance to show others what they were able to get in every way possible.


A warm Welcome to National Steel Car by Gregory J Aziz

Greg Aziz’s profound gratitude on National Steel Car’s success:

With over 100 years of victory and excellence when it comes to engineering, commitment to quality manufacturing, National Steel Car Company has gained a prominence as the North America’s leading tank and railroad freight manufacturers. The main pillars that also serves as the cornerstone of National Steel Car who carries the pride of achievement as mentioned above are our people. We are proud of our accomplishment altogether. National Steel car is highly dynamic, Value driven, diverse and innovative as ever before.


The main reason behind our tremendous achievement is that we always we a stiff competition within ourselves all the way long. To be precise, we are always challenging ourselves. We keep raising the bar persistently without giving up. We are smart at focusing towards our strengths with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness in the rail industry. We also have a staunch sense of purpose and are genuine to our core values. As a result, we are known and highly entrusted by our loyal customers to spearhead and spearhead the building of high-quality railcar with persistent high on-time delivery performance. I am also very proud to highlight that we are we are the only single North America railcar certified ISO 9001: 2008 company. We have maintained a strict trend of excellence such that we have been awarded the annual TTX SECO award consecutively for over a period of over ten years.


Despite all the awards and enormous achievement, National Steel Car never rest at that but keeps on struggling and fighting for more and high-ranking all along. Our restless quest for the victory and excellence as well as the will of our dear customers at heart (attention to the voice of our beloved esteemed customers) give us the guarantee to be the cream of North America’s regarding railcar manufacturing. I pass my gratitude to our esteemed customers for their loyalty and support all the way long, the value relationship with our distributors as well as the eminent integrity and dedication of our 2,000 team members who carry all the pride in building the best. National Steel Car will maintain its distinguished reputation and continue to produce the best high-quality railcars for which we are prominent for and trusted.

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Who is Greg J Aziz

Greg J Aziz was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949. He went to Ridley College then later joined University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics.

Mr. Gregory J Aziz currently serves as the President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, it is amongst the leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. Related Information On This Page.


He joined Affiliated Foods, his family wholesale business, in 1971, and over 16 years the company had grown to become a global importer of fresh foods and distributed to all wholesale markets in the United States and Canada.


Greg bought National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. Through emphasizing National Steel Car’s engineering prowess, human and capital investment and team-building, he transformed this Canada based company into the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. The company has increased its production capability per year with more than 200% from the time it was purchased. During the same period, employment has grown from about 600 to nearly 3000.

With years of excellent engineering, manufacturing and relentless pursuit of commitment to quality, National Steel Car has grabbed the leading spot in the industry of innovations for cars, at the same time constructing numerous railroad freight cars every year. As the only railroad freight car, engineering and manufacturing company to be certified with ISO 9001:2008 in North America, National Steel Car has held this honor for more than a decade. It has also continually received the TTX SECO award for the highest quality.


National Steel Car is committed to continuing to be North America’s leader in manufacturing railcar. Thus, it pays attention to customers queries. They will keep to building quality railcars for they are known for and trusted. They have a sense of purpose, to moving forward with determination and focusing quality.


Salvation army, Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera and United Way are just an example of many local charities sponsored by National Steel Car. Employees, both past, and present, each year have attended in the company’s Christmas party.


Gregory J Aziz has contributed a lot to the Hamilton community. Other than the local charity his company sponsors, he also sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada, with his wife, Irene. He has strived to build National Steel Car to be one of the leading companies worldwide. Their continued delivery of the best railcars has earned the company loyal and supportive customers all the world.

National Steel Car

In June 1912 the Imperial Car Company was born. A month later renamed National Steel Car. Today, National Steel Car has a reputation as the leading railroad freight car manufacturer. National Steel Car has over one hundred years of proud history. Its commitment to quality has become known and trusted by its customers. It is the only certified ISO 9001:2008 and has been honored with awards for over a decade. It may have started off small, but is really up there now. The company continues to peruse a policy of excellence and quality. This is the backbone of the company.


Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car located in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949. Greg James Aziz has a degree from the University of Western Ontario. Greg Aziz launched his professional life in his family’s company Affiliated Foods in 1971. Affiliated Foods company grew to become a major success. Becoming a major importer of fresh foods from Europe, Central, and South America.


After working as a New York investment banker in the early 90’s, Greg Aziz organized the purchase of National Steel Car in ’94. The company quickly expanded its manufacturing capabilities with considerable human and capital investment. The company went from 3,500 cars a year from time of purchase to 12,000 by ’99. Employment also grew considerably. This shows his remarkable success. Click Here to learn more.


Today, National Steel Car is a leader in innovation and has been honored with TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996. Greg Aziz and the National Steel Car have sponsored numerous other local charities. Its employees have also felt Greg Aziz heart attending his Christmas parties and food drives.


The corner stone of and great company is its people. That is the way Greg Aziz thinks.

National Steel Car is a very diverse and values driven company. Greg Aziz always challenges himself and the company by raising the bar, to accomplish the impossible. National Steel Car has a great sense of purpose and stays true to its values. Because of this we are trusted by our customers and are consistently on-time with our delivery performance.

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Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

Located in Hamilton, Ontario is National Steel Car, which is one of the world’s leading railroad freight and tank car engineering and manufacturing companies. With up to a century of experience in the industry, NSC (National Steel Car) has set the bar high for other players in the same manufacturing sector. Their quality, efficiency and standards are exceptional. Even their first few years of production surpassed the expectations of its investors. They follow their core values to the latter in their pursuit of excellence, hence attaining their goals and fulfilling their purpose. Their customer satisfaction has earned them a good reputation, which has enabled them to build trust with their now loyal customers.


Gregory James Aziz is not only the chairman, but he is also the president and CEO of National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. Having attended Ridley College and majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario, Greg set out for business. In 1971, he joined his family owned business of wholesale supply of food, Affiliated Foods. This business grew tremendously and distributed globally to quite a number of countries. They imported these fresh foods from various places like Europe, Central and South America then distributed them to all the major wholesale markets. This business cut across the United States of America all the way to Canada. Find More Info On This Page.


Gregory J Aziz then went ahead to work on several banking investments in the early 90’s. Later on, he facilitated the purchase of the National Steel Car company from Dofasco, which is also a steel company and a current standalone subsidiary of ArcerlorMittal. He had a specific goal of restoring this former great Canadian company to becoming a force to reckon with in North America. NSC has focused on freight car production which includes:


  • Coil cars
  • Flat car
  • Gondola car
  • Hopper car
  • Intermodal car
  • Tank car


By the year 2000, Aziz had increased the workforce from just 500 employees to 3000 employees. Its production capacity also rose from 3500 to 12,500 rail cars per year. The company gives the satisfaction of its client’s priority. Working in harmony with its employees has helped the company achieve its goals. National Steel Car is currently involved in the manufacture and distribution of various rolling stocks to clients in Canada and America. Mainly, these customers are railway operators and commercial rail operators. Today, National Steel Car is one the few remaining rolling stock companies left in Canada.


National Steel Cars Greg Aziz: Growth, Expansion And Development

National Steel Car is one of the biggest producers of rolling stock in the entire country. Founded way back in the 1900s, the company today is one of the greatest manufactures of rolling stock and has surpassed all the competitors that have come its way. The company first started its operations in Ontario, which is also the current headquarters of the organization. The company is one of the best of its kind and is currently being led by Greg Aziz. Greg Aziz is an integral part of the business and has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the brand name. Being a businessman and coming from a family of entrepreneurs was just one of the many positives for Greg Aziz, and put him on the path that he currently is on today. The business education and experience that he received helped him translate over to the rolling stock industry, which is one of the things that has helped him achieve his position of CEO that he has today. See This Page for more information.


Greg Aziz was born and raised in Canada. At a very early age, he got to witness his family working at their own business of importing goods and reselling them in international markets. The business grew to be immensely successful with markets all over the country wanting the products that the company supplied. Greg Aziz started working for them as soon as he got out of college, and became one of the most influential people leading the business. After working at this for a while, Greg Aziz decided that it was time to cross over to a different field. He saw the field of finance as one of the most viable options for him and decided to pursue it in New York. He moved there and started working as a financialist at a big firm, which is when he encountered National Steel Industry. The company at the time was coming to them to seek financial help as they were expanding to new territory. Greg Aziz was the financialist who was put in charge of this project and worked with some of the most notable people at the company. Working closely with them made Greg Aziz realize that he was indeed born to lead a business venture, which is why when the deal was done, he decided to switch over and start working for National Steel Industries. Today, Greg Aziz is one of the most influential people at the firm.

Check his profile on Linkedin, to learn more.

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Gregory Aziz Believes In Challenging Himself

The CEO of National Steel Car believes in philanthropy. This is why he is continually supporting various activities in Hamilton, Ontario so that they lead a better quality of life. He has been honored several times for this gesture. He was recently honored by the Canadian Show Jumping team. This is because Greg Aziz had demonstrated substantial investment in several top quality Grand Prix mounts. Greg along with his wife, Irene has always supported the equestrian goals of their daughter. Besides, they have also given back to this sport. This has been achieved by supporting its professionals along with various Horse Shows.


The daughter of James Aziz, Karina, has always been an avid competitor at these Angelstone Tournaments. This tournament has started in 2010. Karina has always been an avid competitor as she plays at the highest level of this sport.


Now Angelstone Tournaments has welcomed Greg Aziz to their family of sponsors. This is for their 2014 season. In this way, there would be a long and successful relationship with them with the Aziz Family as well as National Steel Car.


The company National Steel Car has more than 100 years of experience in engineering, as well as manufacturing. This has been possible through their focus on quality. Due to these reasons, National Steel Car has a reputation as being the pioneer in the manufacture of railroad freight car manufacturer of North America.


Greg Aziz contributes this to the people there. He says that all of them are very proud of their achievements. National Steel Car has become more dynamic and diverse today. This is because it is innovative and much more value-driven than before. See This Page for additional information.



Greg believes in constantly challenging oneself. This is why the company is raising the bar always. This requires focusing the strengths of people. It has led to unmatched efficiency in the rail industry. The people in the company are very focused. They believe in their core values as they believe in them. This is why they are trusted by their customers. The company builds high-quality railcars in North America. They are known for consistently high delivery performance which is on-time each time. This is the only company in this sector in North America that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, they have been honored with the TTX SECO award too. This is an annual award that has been coming to them for over a decade, in a consistent manner.


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